A Car Pooling Service App To Reduce Number Of Accidents,A Safe Ride App

  • A group of young women from Fajr Academy’s eighth and ninth grades worked together to develop a ridesharing software for the largest “International Tech Competition.”
  • The app developed by the young women’s talent team advanced them to the semifinals.
  • There was stiff rivalry from a number of advanced nations, including the United States of America, Canada, India, France, and Spain.
  • which is indeed the largest.] The app created by a team of four girls from ‘Fajr Academy’ (A school that concentrates on English and Arabic Curriculum) was praised by judges from the United States, Spain, and France.success because the app’s primary function is to improve people’s lives in some way.

Pakistan’s largest and most populous metropolis, Karachi never sleeps. It serves as a focal point for numerous industries and reaps rich rewards as a result. We are all aware that Karachi’s infrastructure has been severely damaged and that accidents occur frequently.

Several accidents occur due to the heavy volume of traffic that occurs during rush hour. This is a major problem that requires prompt attention. This is why the government and other institutions in Karachi are always working to upgrade the city’s facilities. In an effort to lower accident rates, the Techforce group developed a cheap carpooling service called LiftLink. The group came up with a plan to reduce traffic congestion by offering cheap and safe carpooling services to locals. As we all know, public transportation is still an option, but it could stand to be cleaner and safer. The Sindh government has lately launched AC buses, and they carry many passengers.

Techforce has developed the LiftLink app to solve this problem by capping the number of passengers in a single vehicle. As a result, users will have an easier time traveling and using the app in a usual manner. As gas costs in our country continue to rise, the project’s goal is to cut down on carbon emissions by reducing the amount of fuel used. The group also tackles SDG13, which focuses on climate action, and SDG11, which aims to create sustainable cities and communities.

About half of Pakistanis utilize public transportation, yet the study found that female riders overwhelmingly reported feeling threatened. We are all aware that inflation is also a major problem in the country right now. Since over a quarter of the population requires financial assistance to cover the high cost of gasoline for their own vehicles. And get around using non-traditional means of transportation. The team’s goal with LiftLink is to give both sexes the same access to affordable, secure transportation.

The View from a Woman Riding the Bus

The group’s polling suggests that present automobile services may make customers happier. Since they are obligated to pay whatever fees are imposed on them. Furthermore, people feel insecure using buses since men use them too. Congestion is an issue that many individuals confess they encounter regularly. Following the poll, the corporation prioritized the development of gender-specific safety features and streamlined user interfaces.

When Does It Activate?

LiftLink will use GPS to find nearby automobiles for its customers, will closely monitor car owner and carpooler data, and will block any questionable users.

After downloading the app from the Play Store, the user must enter their email address and password in order to use the app. At a later time, they’ll need to enter the information; for example, automobile owners will need to provide information about their vehicles before specifying where they usually park. If your chosen site is similar to those that are already listed, you will be given permission to proceed.

A carpooler’s location is required information. Once your location has been matched, you will be notified of your ride’s specifics. After that, you’ll be given a survey to complete.

When compared to its competitors, Liftlink is the most trustworthy option because it already incorporates necessary safety features. The software is also useful because it caters to users of both sexes in distinct ways. To save expenses further, the team also intends to expand support for other locales and services in additional native languages.

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