Apple Reportedly Spending ‘Million of Dollars Each Day’ for AI Training

Apple has several teams devoted to artificial intelligence projects, each of which is working on a different AI model.
Apple spends millions every day on its artificial intelligence (AI) research and development and training initiatives. Company resources have been split between several teams, each of which is hard at work on its own unique AI model.

The “Foundational Models” team of Apple’s “conversational AI” division, for instance, consists of just 16 people, all of whom are highly skilled engineers; some of them are even former Google personnel.

John Giannandrea, Apple’s current head of AI, was brought on board in 2018 when the company sought to enhance the capabilities of ‘Siri,’ the ubiquitous digital voice assistant included in all iOS devices.

I think this is why we can expect Siri to improve so much soon.

As tweeted by Chris X (@cwchris_). Dated: September7, 2023

Another group of Apple employees are reportedly researching and developing AI, as reported by ‘The Information’ news blog. There are rumors that Apple’s Visual Intelligence team is building its own image generating model along the lines of Midjourney or Dall-E2.

‘Multimodal AI’, which consists of AI models that can identify and produce images or even videos, is being developed by another team of Apple’s AI workers.

Apple’s trained AI models have broad applicability and are a natural fit for the company’s product line. Apple, for instance, is already developing an AI chatbot that will soon be used for communications with AppleCare customers.

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