Everything told you once we inquired about sex

Everything told you once we inquired about sex

From inside the February, Elle and you may MSNBC asked clients to talk about sex within private paid survey. Especially, i wished to learn more about sex within the long-identity relationships. Will it sizzle otherwise fizzle after infatuation is out?

Over 14 days, 77,895 members, 50 % of feminine and you may half of dudes, accomplished the latest questionnaire. 9 from ten participants was indeed during the a good monogamous relationships. Here are the close facts it shared regarding their personal existence:

How frequently do you have sex? Really men and women said he’s got sex a few times weekly. Yet ,, delivering almost all their answers under consideration, men believe they’re the possible lack of sex than simply feminine: Dudes told you he has sex an average of five.five times 30 days when you are female said 8.four times. A few per cent of respondents for the a relationship told you they were perhaps not having sex, and one dos per cent told you he has sex more than once 24 hours.

Who desires much more sex? Sixty-six per cent of men said that they require a great deal more sex than simply their partner, yet , merely 38 percent of women told you the male companion desires way more sex than just they are doing.

Men’s top reasons: 48 percent need way more sex; 47 percent desired more sexual variety

How satisfied are you with your sex life? Forty-half dozen percent of women but just 32 per cent of men told you they’ve been “most satisfied” and their sex lifetime. Twenty-around three percent of men in contrast to merely 13 per cent of females said they’ve been “most disappointed.” As numerous women – upwards to your ages of 65 – said they might be “most fulfilled” just like the men years 18 so you’re able to 24.

Will you be happy with the various sex? Three-household of women yet , just 50 % of men are satisfied with the variety of positions and products within love-to make. Total, 68 per cent of participants told you its sex every day life is foreseeable.

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