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cosmic symbolism definition

2. The road to peace. This increasing ability to feel sympathy also has to be cultivated to the point of neighbourly love. In the Bible, spirit is symbolised as wind and matter as water. • The formation of a fund to pay for the periods of childhood, old age and illness. Throughout the spiral, various “species” are travelling up this ladder of life. The numerous rectangular rays below symbolise the many living beings that this son of God is confronted with on the material plane, whether in micro-, meso- or macrocosmos. Through darkness, terrestrial human beings learn to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate actions. Delivered to your inbox! It is this behaviour that will lead mankind out of the darkness (symbolised by the clouds), which is supplanted by the light from God (the radiant triangle) through world redemption (the radiant star surrounding it). This insect may appear in many different shapes, colors and sizes. All rights reserved. In the later part of the animal kingdom the being is involved to the greatest extent in matter and believes that it is at one with it. The violet field on the outside symbolises the mother energy of the universe and the white disk behind it, the I of the Godhead. 21The development, significance and function of prayer The animal’s cry of anguish at the moment of its death is an automatic prayer for help. • The third drawing illustrates the atheistic or godless state. Cosmic consciousness, then, isn’t just real—it’s totally necessary. Segment 9. Darkness culminates in the animal kingdom and light in the divine world. The symbolism of story equips us to write 2 paragraphs for Bob’s obituary, 343 pages for Hart’s 2,000-year summary of Christianity, and 21 chapters for John’s Gospel. 22A. Cosmic humanists believe that humanity is evolving, moving upward toward an age of higher consciousness where we will experience "cosmic unity." We are therefore in the winter zone of the spiral cycle. © The cosmic symbols of Martinus are copyright protected by The Institute of Martinus Spiritual Science, Copenhagen, Denmark. The only thing that can do that is a science of the spiritual causes behind physical reality. Here the beings experience more and more an individual organism, cut off from the rest of the world, with their own free will. The two stars show two beings, or two groups of beings or nations, at war with one another. Send us feedback. Every living being finds itself in the centre of this organism, and is always unshakeably and organically connected to God. Through separate male and female beings – and the ensuing struggle for a mate, offspring, food and shelter – they experience the zone of the culmination of darkness. In the next small section of the lowest row one can see being 1 (orange triangle) praying to God. 6 (the kingdom of bliss) right up to the border of field No. A flower is thus an outward sign of this inner state of bliss. The metaphysical gifts and attributes of animals are blessings from the divine realm. As the trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – is a fundamental concept in traditional Christianity, it is explained in The Third Testament in the following way: The Father – the eternal Godhead of the universe. The word “death” will become a concept belonging to the past. It should be added that developed human beings will similarly also give up the traditions of consuming alcohol, tobacco, narcotics and other substances that are poisonous to the spirit and the body’s living microbeings. These actions create collective karma that can be released on those of the nation’s inhabitants who share this kind of fate. ; Littéraire. The white areas express the light, beautiful states between the earthly lives. The consciousness needs experiences from many incarnations In order to mature. The living beings journey again and again through these kingdoms in an upwards-moving spiral (see symbol 14). C – the spiral of organ beings and such like. On reaching adulthood the new organism is a completed tool for the living being itself, dependent, for better or worse, on the good and bad habits and experiences of previous lives. The true believers in the old world impulse, who are the source of inspiration behind the creation of much of the humaneness in the world. Existence in thespiritual world between two incarnations is, on the other hand, a period of rest in Paradise, free from unpleasant karma – apart from one phase where one has to let go of the dark thought climates that one has cultivated in the earthly life that has just elapsed. The circles symbolise a section of the suns or planets of the universe, whether large or small, and the consciousness of their correspondingly large or small inhabitants. Without the knowledge of how to protect oneself properly there is in such a process a great danger of being possessed. 17, The cosmic seasons “Except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God”. In this case the living being (the white triangle) is responding by using the sword i.e. The twelve basic answers or the solution to the mystery of life – Symbol No. God. The eternal nature of the Godhead and all living beings is described here as a triune principle: an I –“X1” (shown by the white field at the top), the super consciousness and the I’s ability to create and experience – “X2”, and the body that the I has created, which is a tool enabling it to create and experience – “X3”(shown by the lowermost field). We have to acknowledge that we exist; this is the first conclusive answer in the solution to the mystery of life. (The triangle and the white circle symbolise its X1 and X2 respectively.) It should be added that Prayers addressed directly to God: “Our Father, which art in Heaven” leaves no doubt about who is being addressed. B – the spiral of cell beings and such like. define the literary term symbolism recognize types of symbolism interpret symbolism use symbolism in writing Length: 1 hour Materials. The forecourt of the great birth. With every loving resolution there streams into the consciousness renewed joy in living. In the animal kingdom suffering, which the being creates through its own actions, is experienced day-consciously thereby causing the humane faculty to grow. Slowly we become freed from the dark karma that we have built up – the suffering that we have created for other beings. These symbolise the series of physical lives that a being lives through in the course of its reincarnations. The chains of cause and effect reveal logic and planning. Clairvoyant abilities etc. The lowest step of the staircase symbolises the pure form of the animal kingdom and the food of the beast of prey or carnivore. Dans les textes sanskrits. As the ability to forgive develops, all wars and unhappy fates will disappear from the Earth and the animal will be transformed into a human being. It is this symbolic meaning that lies behind the celebration of the various festivals. Group B – Beings who are mainly influenced by the old world impulse: 4. The killing principle. Once the beings can experience consciously on the physical plane, we call them “animals”. Spiritual | July 17, 2017. In the beginning it is easily confused – in not so fortunate ways – with the moral of marriage. The yellow ray at the top symbolises the religious principle that leads human beings from faith and irreligiousness on to a personal experience of cosmic consciousness, marked by the five-pointed star. These move in cycles (see Symbol 15) of all sizes, symbolised by the size of the 4 different paths. The selfish-principle is superseded by the Christ-principle: Love. The Bible has predicted a “time of tribulation” with “distress”, “fear”, “wars and rumours of wars” (Mat. A nation can create war and suffering despite declaring its intentions to have Christian ideals. Receptiveness is not a question of will – it depends on the experiences the individuel has lived through in the past. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! All beings have their roots in an eternal part. The two of these rectangular orange figures that are the shortest symbolise the first ape-like terrestrial human stages. Communication, infrastructure, distribution, economics etc. 2. The transformation of the psyche from animal to human being Terrestrial human beings live like sphinx beings in the transitional stage between animal and human being. ”You shall have them for food” “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food”. There must be spiritual receivers, and therefore there must be a meaning, behind such a prayer or instinctive, automatic function. The one-poled, hormonebased state of being in love belongs to the animal kingdom; in the other kingdoms the poles are in balance. From this perspective the irrational belief in “the devil” is shown to be a derailed view of God.

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