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when does star wars rebels take place

-, This is a very worthy endeavor. It's around the time where the Empire rules the galaxy with an iron fist, after the fall of the Republic and the Jedi - this is a time of great duress, thus why it fits well with Star Wars Rebels. Edit: I would highly recommend Clone Wars—it’s not necessary to the game from what I know, but it really has some of the best Star Wars moments. -. — DigiFluid(Whine here) 08:59, January 16, 2016 (UTC), I created a forum for Everything we know about The Old Republic era in Canon. *It is possible that the events of "Blood Sisters" mark a change in year. Until there is clarity, however, all Season Two episodes until "Stealth Strike" are treated as being part of the fourth year before the Battle of Yavin. The general premise is described as follows:\"It is a dark time in the galaxy, as the evil Galactic Empire tightens its grip of power from world to world. Just throwing in my two cents' worth: In the sixth issue of, It's fifteen years after Episode III, which according to Leland's own timeline makes it approximately four years before the Battle of Yavin. When Does The Mandalorian Take Place? I see this post linked to and mentioned in a majority of the articles about Star Wars Rebels on the wiki. That got me thinking, and I think I have an effective solution to the ambiguity around the Rebels dates. The first season has been immensely successful, receiving praise from both Star Wars fans and critics. It's not the typical dating system we use, but I think it's a good one to use for Rebels articles. (feel free to edit) Cade Calrayn 16:15, January 14, 2016 (UTC), Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, or general feedback? EDIT: Oh, and also I see nobody has mentioned Eyes on the Prize so far. Has anyone at Lucasfilm or Disney said anything to contradict the series eventually taking place during that time period and/or beyond? I feel like it should be preserved owing to its importance before it fades into relative obscurity in the archives after a bot removes it for thirty days of inactivity. Taral, Dark Lord of the Sith -Just shy, not antisocial: You can talk to me!- 13:55, January 31, 2018 (UTC), Dawn of Rebellion confirms that Chopper Base was constructed in 3 BBY. Within a few episodes, however, we were told that it was the fifteenth anniversary of the Galactic Empire, which would mean the show had advanced to be around four years before A New Hope. The current season is placed at 2 BBY, which is pretty close to those events. Star Wars: Battlefront II introduces players to new character Iden Versio, an Imperial hero. DarkKnight2149 17:37, November 23, 2016 (UTC), Is it possible for the series to continue passed the events of Rogue One and Star Wars (1977)? You might be surprised by the answer. When Does Star Wars: Squadrons Take Place? That's why this timeline uses approximations like "in the fourth year before" instead of "four years before." Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Unlike the games before it, Battlefront II is considered canon, so it is important to examine how the game and Iden’s story fits into the timeline within the Star Wars universe. Thoughts? I have updated that article and removed the note. This page is an archive of a community-wide discussion. When Does The Mandalorian Take Place? I don't think there's been anything in the comics themselves, but I don't know whether Hidalgo/Chee/whoever have said anything on it. Sort of. The visual style of the series is inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy concept art by Ralph McQuarrie. The Mandalorian: Season 1 takes place approximately five years after the events of Return of the Jedi. When the show started, Lucasfilm said that it was set five years before A New Hope. It is exactly one year after the airing of "Empire Day", which also marked a year change. The duo claim Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are eight years old during the series and they’re not in it. Because we don't have a standard canon dating system yet, we shouldn't say "3 years before the Battle of Yavin" like that's a year. I would interpret Leland's tweet to say that "Empire Day" is not, I believe that the Kanan comic is supposed to be set between "Ocean Rescue" and "The Siege of Lothal". It features many new faces in the larger universe, but there are plenty of familiar locations and stories connecting The Mandalorian to the Star Wars film. Why the Rebels Magazine Comics are not being updated? The reason I'm bringing that up here is because I imagine we'll probably learn more about that on the show, given the Season 2 finale, the Sith holocron, ETC. For events taking place in the fifth year before the Battle of Yavin, use this citation: For events taking place in the fourth year before the Battle of Yavin, use this citation: For events taking place in the third year before the Battle of Yavin, use this citation: For events taking place in the second year before the Battle of Yavin, use this citation: Feel free to tweak it as necessary depending on the context of the article, but that should suffice. When Does The Mandalorian Take Place? Sorry if it's bad form for me to reply to a comment from two weeks ago. Now, director Dave Filoni has revealed that the episode doesn't necessarily take place after the Star Wars Rebels series finale, which has huge implications. Star Wars Rebels is an American 3D animated science fiction television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation and set in the Star Wars galaxy five years before A New Hope. That's where the ", They haven't confirmed anything but its possible that the series could carry on pass the films. Then, all of Star Wars Rebels Season Three takes place in the second year before the Battle of Yavin, and Season Four takes place in the first. Since she was born in 19 BBY, and the book takes place over a span of several months, we know that all of it takes place in 3 BBY, and before "A Princess on Lothal". If you haven't, feel free to show him this forum too so he knows what the project is behind your questions. c. 20-19 years before the Battle of Yavin, In the sixth year before the Battle of Yavin, In the fifth year before the Battle of Yavin, In the fourth year before the Battle of Yavin, In the third year before the Battle of Yavin, In the second year before the Battle of Yavin, In the first year before the Battle of Yavin. I am saying the fifth, fourth, and third years before the Battle of Yavin, so sometime within those years. For events taking place in the fifth year before the Battle of Yavin, use this citation: 1. After Episode III and before Episode VI. ‘Star Wars’ universe: When does ‘The Mandalorian’ take place? As a Rebellion pilot, you take part in a battle that is meant to take place shortly after the destruction of the planet Alderaan. Re: Cade's list of things that are not included yet. Comment. That'd be great! I got bored and reformatted it as an Appearances section, and comparing it to others you're missing a few things. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Here's where Star Wars: Squadron takes place in the lore. Bleeding Cool’s Podcast (about 16 minutes in) with Brendon and Jason broke some Star Wars Rebels news. Therefore, this original mission essentially takes place during the events of the first Star Wars film, A … Star Wars Rebels could have very well ended in fire, like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, with much of the Ghost crew and their allies meeting their ultimate fates in defense of Lothal. John Boyega Says Franchise Film Roles are Like Luxury Prisons, Tony Revolori Joins ‘Willow’ Series Coming To Disney+, ‘Willow’: Tony Revolori in Talks to Play a Lead Role in Disney+ Series, Robert Zemeckis’ live-action Pinocchio adds Luke Evans as the villainous Coachman, Sky announces biggest ever line-up of new and exclusive original TV shows films, Alan Tudyk Confirms That He Won’t Be In ‘Rogue One’ Prequel Series ‘Andor’, ‘I May Destroy You’ Star Paapa Essiedu To Lead Sky ‘Groundhog Day’-Style Action Thriller ‘Extinction’. Yeah some things aren't included yet, since I'm still going through stuff. After the end of Star Wars Rebels, fans wondered what era would be explored in the next inevitable animated series from Lucasfilm. It's alreay in edition 27, which means there are 5 more mini-comics that aren't included in the Timeline. Given that, we can assume the following: the events of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion through the end of "Out of Darkness" take place in the fifth year before the Battle of Yavin. Star Wars Rebels – 5 BBY - 1 BBY (Epilogue after 4 ABY) ... Running for two seasons, Star Wars Resistance is a tricky one to place in the timeline as it takes place across the sequel trilogy. Almost all of Rebels is set between 5 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) and 0 BBY — right before Rogue One and A New Hope — with each season covering about a year in the lives of the characters. Thanks Lelal. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy, The Secret Jedi: The Adventures of Kanan Jarrus: Rebel Leader, Servants of the Empire: Rebel in the Ranks, Servants of the Empire: The Secret Academy, Mission to steal Imperial shield generators, Skirmish aboard a Republic medical station, Mission to the third moon of Concord Dawn, Ambush on an Imperial construction module, Second mission to the third moon of Concord Dawn, Infiltration of the Imperial Armory Complex, Report: Wookiee Revolt Quelled on Kashyyyk, Special Report: Lothal Jobless Rates Hit All-time Low, Special Report: Controversial Statue Finally Destroyed, Special Report: Rise in Citizen Reporting Results in Captured Criminals, Special Report: Empire Ensures New Affordable Housing on Lothal, Special Report: Famed Imperial Pilot Moves to Lothal, Special Report: Journalists Across Galaxy Join Press Corps, Breaking News: Unauthorized Mining Operation Halted, Special Report: Community Leaders Discuss Capital City Improvements, Exclusive: Mas Amedda receives Governor Arihnda Pryce for Lothal report, -Just shy, not antisocial: You can talk to me!-, It's definitely somewhere within the first half of Season One, but exactly where is hard to say. DarkKnight2149 04:29, November 25, 2016 (UTC), Star Wars Rebels: Heroes of Mandalore will be addedcreated -Yasen Nestorov (talk) 07:32, October 16, 2017 (UTC), Should this thread be pinned? By Rhys McGinley Oct 09, 2020. & 9 Other Things You Didn't Know About The Star Wars Timeline. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. Rebels would likely be more relevant to the game cause it revolves around inquisitors. This takes place 5 years after ROTS and rebels is like right before ANH and Rogue One. There's also Rebel Rising and Leia, Princess of Alderaan, which are set in the era, but are much less tied to the show. I'm glad that you're taken the time and effort to compile a chronology of, Martin Fisher's answer has arrived, and it's been posted, Thanks Lelal. Couple of notes in that regard: How come Empire Day and onwards is considered four years prior to the Battle of Yavin? Commander Boots 17:01, December 7, 2017 (UTC), I can't help with this yet (I've not read these yet), but is there an appetite to include other novels from the time period in this timeline? Star Wars is a vast universe existing for thousands of years, but here are just a few key elements of the major story and character timelines. Star Wars has been a little all over the place since Disney got ahold of the franchise. Just when we thought we had it figured out, Dave Filoni changes it all. Cevan (talk) 02:07, January 16, 2016 (UTC), Has there been any confirmation by the Powers That Be regarding the placement of the "modern" / framing sections of the Kanan comic? This is by no means complete. Star Wars Rebels first aired on Disney Xd from 2014 to 2018. 0. When Does The Mandalorian Take Place? So knowing all of that, the following is the timeline of events pertaining to Star Wars Rebels. In the fifth [[Standard year|year]] before the [[Battle of Yavin]]The events of this article take place in or between ''[[Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion]]'', which takes place in the fifth year bef… Way before. It tells the story of a group of rebels known as the Spectres in the days before the Galactic Civil War. There are 16 more episodes that take place in the year 22 BBY, covering such events as the Galactic Republic convincing Toydaria to side with it over the Confederacy of Independent Systems, General Grevious’s deployment of an experimental warship that’s equipped with ion canons (technology that would become standard issue by the time of The Empire Strikes Back), and the capture of Dooku, … We just have to wait and see what happens --. Here is the show that chronicles the formation of the Rebel Alliance, See full article at Den of Geek » Thanks to Leia, Princess of Alderaan, we know that Leia didn't join the Rebellion until she was 16. It's more accurate and provides more wiggle room. As the series begins, Imperial forces have occupied a remote planet, ruling with an iron fist and ruining the lives of its people. I see that the Kanan comics and A New Dawn are both already on the timeline. It's better to say "in the third year before the Battle of Yavin." --. I'm not saying "five years before the Battle of Yavin," "four years before the Battle of Yavin," or "three years before the Battle of Yavin." I will also note that I have not included the Rebels comics from the Star Wars Rebels Magazine in this, as I have not yet been able to look at them to see when they may fit into the events of the series. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. Since "The Future of the Force" and "Legacy" take place shortly before "A Princess on Lothal", it can be concluded that they too take place in that year. It follows Kazuda Xiono, a New Republic pilot who is recruited by the Resistance to spy on the growing threat of the First Order shortly before and during the events of the sequel trilogy.. I couldn't even tell you where those games go since they're not that story-focused. Just like the big TCW timeline before it, this thread will outline the timeline of Rebels episodes and other media with corresponding dates. We can narrow this span of time down further because we saw a (relatively) peaceful Mandalore in the Star Wars Rebels episode “Heroes of Mandalore,” set 10 years before The Mandalorian. Star Wars fans measure time in the universe relative to the Battle of Yavin, the clash that led to the destruction of the first Death Star in A New Hope. It takes place during an era (Dark Times) when the Galactic Empire is hunting down the last of the Jedi while a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking form. The series begins five years before Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, fourteen years into the reign of the Galactic Empire., Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. The events of "Empire Day" through possibly "Stealth Strike" take place in the fourth year before the Battle of Yavin. Star Wars Resistance is an American 3D animated science fiction television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation.The series uses a cel-shaded look. That means Star Wars Rebels takes place eight years after Revenge of the Sith or twelve years before A New Hope.If accurate that’s the real gem of the podcast’s news. Season 1 of The Mandalorian takes place approximately five years after the events of Return of the Jedi. - Brandon Rhea(talk) 00:58, January 12, 2016 (UTC). Ezra Bridger. I don't actually own the book, a friend sends pics. The films depict many star systems with mature planets and intelligent life. Should Starkiller Be Considered Canon Now In Star Wars? DoR also states: "Seventeen years after the end of the Clone Wars, Bendu revealed himself to Kanan Jarrus, claiming the would-be Jedi's internal conflict had roused him from a long slumber."

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