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you have to burn the rope walkthrough

Suho1004 was right about the in-jokery, this is clearly a also, in level 4 how do i defeat megazorg? You Have To Burn The Rope video walkthrough by Omgarrett. You burned the rope and saved us all. You Have To Burn The Rope video walkthrough guide. It boasts a game manual, four walkthroughs (including one YouTube walkthrough and one in German), a speedrun posted on YouTube, a Spanish Wikipedia page, a text-adventure version, a novelization, and a fan-comic. Nice catchy song at the end :) Need help? From there, head left. The name of this quest is a reference to the Flash game You Have To Burn The Rope. This game is incredibly overrated. However, there is a code panel. Oh, we just HAVE to get someone who can make more levels for this game. But to activate it you'll have to defeat the Jumping Colossus at the end of the tunnel. You Have to Burn the Rope is a platform game in which the player must guide the character through a short level through which text on how to beat the game is clearly visible. You can read our daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play games, discuss about them. Unfortunely, a cave-in blocks the regular entrance, so, up the mountain! Keep the flame alive by expertly guiding its path and using the special abilities of different bugs. Does anyone remeber the exact spelling and such of my username? Same applies to these as with the first wave. The rope has been … All Rights Reserved. I remember the first time this was featured--I think I played it a couple times to listen to the song again. Okay... am I correct in saying that you are just making up stuff to mess with the rest of us? At the title screen, tap the "Burn The Rope" text to set it on fire. In addition to the rope, you’ll also need to contend with bugs, which can be found in most stages crawling around on the ropes. Moderated by: Saradoc Saradoc. Second wave: 10 void critters. The Curse Game: Hey guys, this is my walk-through / cheat sheet for The Curse Game by Mojo Bones / Toy Studio. The colossus isn't worth that much. On level 21.73, Why cant i get past the Great Giggling Gum Drop?? Jump up the stairs to the rope. If they don't, jump over. And it's full of yellin' people. :), What the heck?! Burning ants will cause the color of the flame to change depending on the color of the ant. And he was impossible to defeat with my regular arsenal of axes. If you get stuck in the intricate mazes and tunnels there is a handy Burned the second, that did nothing, so I realised that burning ropes wasn't the key. They have a new attack, using their arms, and that's stronger than their kick attack, though the kick attack is faster. Senah has only 200 hp, but she can heal and smite. Alas, the game goes on! Any other flame will simply burn out if it touches the rope. Notice that you won't get a torch this time. @ Donut: To get the Secret Golden Idol, you have to enter the keys of Sacred noobness in the keyholes of Ultimate Level 100 Warriors, for there must be a balance in the gaming universe (hence the name of the door, the Door of Equality) . This one follows my walkthrough from level 2. it took me forever! You cannot dodge it. All other content is Copyright ©2003-2021 Anyways, I can give a walkthrough so far. 100 hp each, charge that deals 20 damage. This was no ordinary boss, oh no. Get the hat, suit, and bag of presents. Sorry, I read the walkthrough but I'm still having a little trouble after the 3rd ledge, what exactly do I have to do? when i got the fourth rule, i just went right into the boss, and i didn't die! Eigth: 30 void critters coming from two sides. Great gameplay and graphics, although I had a bit of trouble (read two and a half hours) with the final boss. Jump onto the ledge above you to the right. So you have to be exceptionally fast with reflexes to kill these, then you have to kill the Frowning Gigantimous as well as the minions. We add new games every day and only the best games! (a href, b, br/, strong, em, ul, ol, li, code, spoiler). I tried to beat the boss by throwing axes, but I don't want to break my arrow key. Sorry, I guess it's a difference of opinion, but I didn't find it amusing at all. For you to escape unscathed, you must jump to one of the torches on the wall and use it to burn the rope that hangs the chandelier from the ceiling. A. Alex P Member. There's just too much to burn through it all with the measly little lvl 18 torch. You burned the rope and saved us. (I'm going to make/contribute to a/the YHTBTR wiki on Wikia. But, to the point. A big mind challenge and ultra awesome graphics! They fall and hit it but it's offscreen and can't retaliate. boss fight. We also have cheats for this game on : iPhone/iPad. When he opens his mouth to charge Cackling Laughter, jump in. I beat the game twice in less than a minute. Ah, the good ol' platformin'. This game is hard but I finished it! When he shoots his orbs, quickly jump up the stair. That mean I got past the eagle! Clearing 60 percent of the rope will get you a bronze, 80 percent means a silver, and clearing away a full 100 percent is the only way to get a gold medal. Dave knows something about hacking and will start cheating the code panel. Also I have mana regen 20/5sec and critical strike chance 60% with Infinity edge so I deal with each critical strike 250% of normal. First, I had to lend my +7 titanium axe to Chris (the poor potter from level 3) so he could crack the seal to the door of informity, so I didn't really have a good weapon. Head up to the chain and start sawing through the chain. I DID burn the rope. I'm dying here! It almost (almost...) made playing the game worth it. Sorry for the double post, but I have formulated a walkthrough: Jump onto the ledge above you to the left. He is nearly identical to the Grinning Colossus except it is bright purple and it's frowning instead of grinning. Bomb Blaster (Bronze): Eliminated 20 Fireflies. Burn The Rope is an iPhone game developed by Big Blue Bubble that challenges players to solve a wide range of rope burning puzzles and maybe burn a few bugs along the way. Click here for more information. Tenth: The big colossus jumps down. A colossus. I then used this to collect up the bartender remains into a ball which I then rolled next the the boss. I am glad that JIG has finally manned up and given this tour-de-force the recognition it deserves. ; Chain Reaction Destruction: The Grinning Colossus' death … Then, you reach the Fountain, and after you take it, a portal appears and you are magically transported to the amazing second level! Yes, please keep on repeating the joke for the 4 million-th time. And the music totally rocks! Game of the week for me. Someone told me that the hidden door is actully the legendary Door #101, but I don't know what door to take! Why must the rope be burnt? The goal of each stage is the same: to burn as much of the rope as possible. i have heard that you can kill the grinning collosus to his knees with axes. YAGH The game was okay, but the song is almost worth it. Go through the tunnel that appeared. You can also ask your question on our Burn the Rope Questions & Answers page. To reduce frustration, it’s often best to wait a second longer to give it that extra time it needs to turn. First enemy I come across and none of the weapons I have do jack to it. I can't get out of the Living Room, the second section of the level. I had to employ a creative means of attack in order to take him out. Tutorials, … It is called Senah. Det är ett av våra bästa Äventyr spel! New Games Next in 00:00. I absolutely LOVE this game! Move [left] and [right] with the corresponding arrow keys, jump with [up] or [space], and throw axes with [down] or any other key. does not anyone remember the ecstatic gigantor from secret level g. he is the hardest boss, you have to kill hix with the rope. You'll notice a crack in the wall. Okay... what am I missing? 1 Description 2 History 3 Trivia 4 Internal Links 5 External links The Rope is a major in physics, and goes through rigorous physical training regularly. Oh wow....I love level 3 "the rope society", love the lil economic simulation, justy make sure not to get sacrificed, Seriously, this is awesome! When it comes to making bridges, the key is to make sure the spider is exactly where you want it to be when it gets burned. So I had to grind ALLLL the way to that level, and when I went back through the cracked block, I remembered I needed to get the Reflector power up, which was after the self-sealing door, so I had to reset the level AGAIN and after I did all that, I got the Shield Level 5, which blocks all Burst attacks. Re: the song. Cut the Rope is a physics puzzler in which players strategically slice ropes in order to give the ever-hungry Om Nom candy. I think it's very cute.

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