Electric Scooter Launched In UAE: Made In India

TVS Motor, a well-known Indian motorcycle company, has debuted their two-wheeled motorcycle, the TVS, X, in the United Arab Emirates. Bookings have begun, and deliveries in India will start in November 2023, according to TVS Motor Company CEO KN Radhakrishnan. Radhakrishnan claims that the first two thousand people to purchase the electric scooter will also be eligible for additional perks. The United Arab Emirates and other regions across the world are slated to receive the electric scooter this year. TVS Motors has finally revealed that they would be releasing an electric scooter this year. The business claims that the new car is technologically adept enough to appeal to millennials because of its high-tech features, exclusive nature, and ability to thrive in urban environments.

In January of 2020, TVS Motors introduced the iQube electric scooter to the market. Choosing a worldwide hub as the launch place for the new TVS EV indicates that it is a cutting-edge, high-end product with export potential. Starting on August 10th, the firm began posting teasers on its various social media channels. There will likely be significant changes between the new TVS EV and the present iQube.

The new TVS e-scooter will need to stand out from the crowd and appeal to a worldwide market, so it will likely look very different from the scooters the business now manufactures in India. This is because there has been a recent uptick in the Indian two-wheeler industry for niche products like ICE and EV.

With phrases like “is designed to shatter limits, reset benchmarks, and disrupt the status quo of electric mobility” and “Thrill has a date,” TVs CO portrays its new eco-friendly machine as a cutting-edge, performance-focused offering. Given the visual teaser showing a unique speed displayed on the dashboard, the new TVS EV could have a top speed of 105 kph. In terms of EV sales in India, TVS Motor Co. is now number two, behind Ola Electric. The corporation’s goal is to increase market share in this area. The Chennai-based firm sold over 87,397 iQubes in the first seven months of CY2023, which works out to an average monthly sales volume of 12,485 units.

TVS hopes to increase sales with the help of BMW Motorrad. The two original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) announced in December 2021 that they would be expanding and lengthening their long-term cooperation to work together on the creation of new platforms and cutting-edge technologies, such as electric cars (EVs). The other jointly developed platform is used by the newly built BMW CE-02 electric wheeler to overcome these difficulties. The CE-02 platform, on the other hand, is extremely unique because TVS motor developed, manufactured, and built it beforehand.

However, TVS Motors will soon introduce an electric vehicle. The success of the TVS Apache platform is a major factor in the decision to expand the brand. Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt Ltd of Bengaluru, which is rumored to own a sizable stake in TVS, developed the high-performance advanced F77 electric motorcycle.

TVS is well-known in India and is the country’s second-largest exporter of motorcycles and scooters, behind only Bajaj Auto. Even though the export market is sluggish at the moment, the company nonetheless managed to send almost 915,018 motorcycles abroad in FY2023. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2024, TVS shipped out 270,084 units.

TVS and Ion Mobility, a technology startup based in Singapore, announced their partnership in February 2023. This is a deliberate step toward expanding its EV offerings on a global scale. Together, they will provide Ion with the resources it needs to enter the electric two-wheeler markets in Singapore and Indonesia. The company also has plans to enter the three-wheeler market, which is expected to expand rapidly in the Indian economy.

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