Elon Musk’s X Will Soon Let You Search For Jobs

Although a job search function is still being developed, X has already begun posting job listings on its page through @XHIRING; these are only accessible online and within the United States.

Formerly known as Twitter, X is currently developing a job search feature that will enable users to look for jobs while utilising the microblogging platform that has evolved into a “super app.” It appears that X plans to develop into an application with a variety of features, essentially becoming akin to Chinese applications “We Chat” or “AliPay.”

Although X is still developing a function for job hunting, it has already begun posting job openings on its page through @XHiring; they are exclusively accessible online and within the United States.

One user who was interested in the capabilities of the X job search option remarked, “But how will we know who is hiring?”

“We will soon be able to search for jobs and, more importantly, match candidates with suitable opportunities,” said the former CEO of Laskie, a job-matching service that Twitter/X had purchased.

When the X job search tool is formally introduced, we can reasonably anticipate it to function similarly to Laskie, which seeks to simplify the job search process by connecting employers with top talent and allowing them to contact prospects.

Like Laskie, businesses may have extensive information about the talent they are seeking, which simplifies and opens up the entire hiring process.

The words “acquired by Twitter” are currently displayed next to the restricted versions of Laskie’s public profiles and website.

My forecast was based on the fact that Laskie was one of Elon Musk’s first significant agreements on Twitter. Although it was unclear at the time whether Musk would let the platform to operate independently or merge it into Twitter, this is now evident.

It makes sense for Twitter/X to incorporate a similar system into their platform, since one of the main reasons for its growth and eventual acquisition was its distinctive talent finding method.

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