Future Is Now

Established competitors were quick to express their concerns upon learning of Onic, a new digital experience by PTML in the telecommunications arena that promises to alter the game by delivering an entirely fresh viewpoint on how customers might enjoy their telco experience.

Competitors may have viewed the upstart as a threat to their market share or customer attrition due to the newcomer’s promises of offering a hassle-free digital onboarding experience at your doorstep, as well as their offerings that truly bring independence to the users through their limitless plans and special founders club benefits and discounts. This aggressive opponent has been known to take matters to court over who has the best 4G service, so this isn’t the first time they’ve used such tactics. It is concerning that these anti-competitive practices persist, as consumers should be free to choose among numerous alternatives.

Yesterday was World Letter Writing Day. We wanted to take the opportunity to put together some words for our telecommunications industry peers.

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In this developing plot, the underdog is in the sights of the industry’s established legacy telecoms, and must deal with the consequences of being the target of their aggression. Because of this imbalance, newcomers frequently face a difficult landscape where established players have carefully placed roadblocks.

This is a sad reminder of the difficulties faced by upstarts trying to compete with well-established corporations. Their fight to carve out a niche and offer consumers a viable alternative is a tough one. There is mounting evidence that the dominant legacy telcos are reluctant to adapt to the changes that are coming to their industry. They appear unable to adapt to the changing environment since they are stuck on inefficient company strategies. Their unwillingness to change has a chilling effect on the development of the sector as a whole, inhibiting the investigation of cutting-edge technologies and ground-breaking solutions.

The new player, in comparison, represents a breath of fresh air and a firm dedication to consumer agency. They are willing to question the status quo in an effort to protect the freedom of consumers to select from a variety of offerings, thereby increasing the health of competition in the market.

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