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Gift of love for your father

Father’s Day is fast approaching on June 20 and it is again that time of the year when we celebrate this very special bond that we share with our dads. If you too are brainstorming over how to make it most memorable, a customised, handmade gift may do the trick.

A scrapbook with all the old pictures or a handmade card can be a great option for this year. You may also consider re-doing his room with some fairy lights and scented candles – which also can be made at home. Sharing some unique ideas for home-made gifts, gifting expert Ruchita Bansal of Izhaar, says, “Make a pen stand, stitch up a golf ball sack, weave an embroidered glass case or use waste paper board to turn it into a photo frame, where you can insert a memorable family photograph.”

Moreover, with pandemic shifting the focus towards sustainability, you too can encourage zero wastage by choosing an interesting gifting option . “You can use his old shirt and revamp it in myriad ways by dyeing it at home – with turmeric using tie and dye method. Another way is hand painting with fabric colours or pleating it to give a new look. Use an old shirt, sweater or stole to wrap that special gift,” suggests designer Deepa Sondhi.

One can also use an old kettle, mug or a cup to plant a sapling and gift it to him. It can also be decorated with dry flowers, or covered with wool to give a refreshing look.

Also, considering the change in weather, skincare solutions can be a great gifting option too. “Some of our dads can be lazy in taking care of themselves in terms of skin care. Hence, this is the perfect occasion to curate a hamper in which you can put all the daily skin care and shaving products. You can always make organic products from your kitchen garden such as aloe vera, neem, among others. The same can be packed in reusable glass jars which can be decorated or painted to make it more beautiful,” recommends Praveen Rao, gifting and decor expert.