Google Introduces Generative AI to Search in India and Japan

The United States saw the debut of Google’s generative AI search, which provides results in the form of text, images, and even summaries in response to user queries.
Google has just revealed that its search tool in India and Japan now features generative artificial intelligence. In response to user queries, the browser’s generative AI, which is similar to that used by many other browsers, will display text, image, and summary results, reducing the time normally spent scrolling through websites in search of the desired information.

Google’s AI search tools, which were first introduced in the United States and have since expanded to India and Japan, have always given users the option to turn them on or off, and Japanese users have always had the option to utilize them in their own tongue.

However, both the Indian and American versions of the film were in English, which is only fair given the sizeable English-speaking population in India.

Google Bard, Google’s own artificial intelligence chatbot, can have lifelike conversations with humans, as well as write code and provide academic assistance. Many people mistake Google Search AI features for Google Bard.

Integrating with Google’s artificial intelligence search feature would undoubtedly prove groundbreaking, saving users around the world many hours of research time.

Both Google and Microsoft are making strong efforts to expand their client bases in the artificial intelligence market, with Microsoft currently in the lead thanks to its relationship with ChatGPT’s developers, ‘OpenAI,’ and its observation of a daily growth in the number of people using the edge browser.

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