Google Maps Stops Showing Gas Stations to Electric Vehicle Owners

For those who own electric vehicles, Google is prioritising the integration of EV-specific features into its mapping and navigation products.

Those who connect their phones to their electric vehicles via Android Auto will no longer see petrol stations as a category on Google Maps; instead, charging stations will appear at the top of the list.

Even though it has only now been recognised, this functionality has really been confirmed and announced since 2022.

According to Google spokesperson Pearl Xu, the feature has been available for vehicles with Google built-in software since the year 2020. “To help people get the most relevant information when navigating, last year we added the ability for EV drivers to see a shortcut for charging stations instead of petrol stations on Google Maps for Android Auto,” Xu said.

Google spokeswoman Xu claims that Google Maps has a variety of features tailored to electric vehicles (EVs), including the ability to identify charging stations in search results, filters for charging speed and plug type, charging stop options for road trips, and more.

Many electric vehicles (EVs) on the road today, including the Polestar 2, Volvo XC40 Recharge, and Cadillac Lyriq, come equipped with Google built-in software or use Google Maps for navigation, and while EV owners have always had the option to hide petrol stations, it appears that Google now wants to improve usability for EV owners.

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