Govt Revises National Savings Profit Rates

The government has increased the profit rates of the National Savings Schemes (NSS).

The rate of profit on Bahbood Savings Certificates (BSC) has been increased by 1.44% to 14.16%, and the profit rate on Special Savings Certificates (SSC) has been increased by 1.40% to 12.40%. Similarly, the Regular Income Certificates’ (RIC) profit rate has increased by 0.96% to 12%, and the Savings Account (SA) has gone up by 2.50% to 10.75%.

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The annual profit on Short-Term Savings Certificates (STSC) increased from 10.40 to 13.75%, and the rate of return on Defense Savings Certificates (DSC) has been significantly increased on an annual basis, with a profit rate of 8% in the first year and a rate of 222% in the tenth year.

Moreover, Shuhada’s Family Welfare Account (SFWA) holders will get a 14.16% profit instead of 12.72%. The benefit for Pensioners’ Benefit Account (PBA) holders has increased from 12.72% to 14.6%.

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The withholding tax rate for the filer on the profits earned is 15% and 30% for the non-filer.

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Updated: May 9, 2022 — 9:19 pm
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