Habib Oil Mills Has Won Our Hearts!

The month of Ramadan is unlike any other. There is no other time of year that compares in terms of benefits, spiritual rewards, and emotional upliftment. Among the many components and lessons imparted by this month, being generous and sharing your blessings with others is key.

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Habib Oils is emphasizing this theme once again through its Ramadan campaign. “Kbhi ye pocha ha k kitna baant deti ho?” “Kbhi ye pocha ha k kitna baant deti ho?” Many of us forget that there are many people in our community who are less fortunate, not just financially, but in other ways as well.

Sharing a small portion of what we have makes a far greater difference than we realize. This is the message HOM is delivering this year through its newly issued advertisement.

We’ve been tremendously moved by the conversation on a personal level. Little things matter a lot, and especially during Ramadan, they are lavishly rewarded.

Let’s spread the gifts of health, wealth, and pleasure with Super Habib Oil this Ramadan. These premium cooking oils, made with double refining technology and rich with important vitamins and natural antioxidants, are the healthy touch you and your family require.

So, are you ready to include others in your blessings?

Visit HOM’s online store right now. Start spreading the wonders of health and taste with your family, friends, and others with Super Habib Oils.

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Updated: April 20, 2022 — 5:50 pm
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