Huawei Mate 60 Pro Teardown Reveals China’s Chip Breakthrough

Huawei Mate 60 Pro
Huawei Mate 60 Pro

Huawei Mate 60 Pro – TechInsights found that Huawei Technologies and SMIC, China’s leading chipmaker, collaborated to create the cutting-edge 7-nanometer processor that drives the Mate 60 Pro. The new Kirin 9000s chip used in the Huawei Mate 60 Pro was developed in China by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC).

The Mate 60 Pro, a new smartphone from Huawei, went on sale a week ago. The manufacturer boasts that this phone can make satellite calls out of the box. The company, however, has been mum on the subject of the chipset’s performance.

This is the first CPU to use SMIC’s cutting-edge 7nm technology. The Chinese government is making some progress, according to the report, in its efforts to create a domestic semiconductor ecosystem.

Consumers in China who have purchased the Mate 60 Pro have started sharing teardown videos and speed tests online, suggesting the device is capable of download rates greater than those of flagship 5G smartphones.

The release of the phone caused a frenzy among Chinese netizens and official media outlets. Others, however, have noted the event’s proximity to a visit by Gina Raimondo, the United States’ secretary of commerce.

The United States has denied Huawei, a manufacturer of smartphones, access to chipmaking technologies since 2019. The company has a small supply of chips on hand, so it can only release a few number of 5G devices at a time.

In July, Reuters reported that Huawei was seeking to use its own innovations in semiconductor design tools and chips made by SMIC to make a comeback to the 5G smartphone sector by the end of this year.

TechInsights analyst Dan Hutcheson told Reuters that the news is a “slap in the face” to the United States. He continued, “This chip is saying, “Look what we can accomplish; we don’t need you.”

Huawei Mate 60 Pro Specifications

Model Mate 60 Pro

Expiration Date: September 2023 Release Date:

Android Version 13 Operating System

Fourth-Generation Technology

Dual SIM/Nano SIM Card Information

Fingerprint Lock Hidden Under Display Security

Topping the charts in Gameplay, Imaging, Power, and Multitasking

FullView Screen Display Device Type

The cost is 274999 Pakistani rupees.

U.S. Dollar 720


Specifications: 161.5 x 76.1 x 8 mm (6.36 x 3.00 x 0.31 in)

The 202 Gramme Weight Limit

Choices of ColourGrey, White, Brown, and Red

Fabricated from Aluminium

Seal of Approval IP68 (Ingress Protection Class Eighty)

Huawei Kunlun Safety Glass


Capacitive OLED display, 16 million colour depth

Display Size (inches): 6.7

HD+ Resolution

PPI 442

90 Hz Refresh Rate

The Rest of HDR10 and DCI-P3!



Hardware Octa-core Central Processing Unit (1×3.13 GHz Cortex-A77 & 3×2.54 GHz Cortex-A77 & 4×2.05 GHz Cortex-A55).

GPU Adreno 730

Slot Supported

Data Storage: RAM and ROM storage capacities of 128/256/512GB and 8GB of RAM


Triple Rear-Facing Camera System

Primary 50MP Sensor

Sensor Wide, Ultrawide, and Depth for Back Camera

Camera’s Rear f/1.9 Aperture

Rear Viewing CapabilitiesLeica optics, Phase detection, Geo-tagging, Panorama, High Dynamic Range, Video

4K video recording

One-Camera Mounted in the Front

The 13-Megapixel Camera Up Front

Type of Sensor Wide-Angle Front Camera

Selfie-taking Mechanism Top-Notch Front

An HDR and panorama-capable front-facing camera


Li-ion Polymer

Energy storage 4400mAh

A Quick 65W Charge

Power Input: 50W Wireless


WiFi 802.11ac, WiFi Dual Band, WiFi Direct, WiFi Hotspot

More built-in features including NFC, USB Type C, GPS, and a 3.5 mm jack


850/900/1900/2100 3G HSDPA

Quickness LTE-A 100 Mbps, HSPA 42.2/5.7 Mbps

Huawei Mate 60 Pro

Huawei’s latest smartphone, the Mate 60 Pro, was unveiled this week in China with little fanfare or commentary. Details about the device are slowly filtering out.

Since U.S. sanctions shut off the Chinese tech giant from vital chip supplies and production partners, local tech evaluations have suggested that this phone is Huawei’s first 5G mobile with its own chips.

Chinese media has released disassembly videos claiming the new phone supports 5G connectivity and satellite phone calls thanks to its in-house designed Kirin mobile chipset. The disassembly videos also show that Huawei made its own Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and power management components for the smartphone.

When approached by Nikkei Asia, the company did not respond to the reviews and refused to discuss the phone’s features.

Huawei has been fighting a long U.S. crackdown, so the release of a smartphone with a self-developed 5G processor would be a major victory. Since May of this year, the corporation has been on the Entity List maintained by the United States Department of Commerce, which severely limits its access to American technologies. Qualcomm, a U.S. chip developer, was able to supply 4G mobile chips to Huawei thanks to government export licences, but could not supply the more advanced 5G mobile chips.

Huawei Mate 60 Pro

It is unclear if this indicates Huawei has reached mass production of the device, but a report by Bloomberg with teardown provider TechInsights claims that at least some Mate 60 Pro handsets feature a 7-nanometer 5G chipset produced by SMIC. Nikkei Asia was told by anonymous sources that the chips used in the Mate 60 Pro were produced in a tiny quantity.

The release of the Mate 60 Pro in China was rather low-key compared to previous flagship phone releases from Huawei.

If the phone is indeed being manufactured in large quantities, this would be a huge win for China’s semiconductor industry, which is fighting against a widespread crackdown in the United States.

Last month, Nikkei Asia revealed that Huawei was collaborating with China’s top chipmaker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., another company on the Entity List, to recover 5G mobile chips for Huawei. With the help of various partners, Huawei is re-entering chip production and packaging in a number of Chinese cities, as was first reported by Nikkei Asia.

On Tuesday, Huawei announced that the Huawei Mate 60 Pro Pioneer Programme has begun. According to Nikkei Asia, the Chinese manufacturer said, “Some consumers can buy and experience the most powerful Mate model ever at an earlier date.” According to the company, the Mate 60 Series has a completely new look and includes major upgrades in connectivity, durability, photography, and the overall intelligent experience.

Huawei told Nikkei Asia, “This is our most powerful Mate model ever,” but the company wouldn’t discuss the phones’ specifics, such as their core CPUs or whether or not they support 5G.

As a result of U.S. export limitations, Huawei has seen its smartphone business plummet from the top spot, where it had previously outshipped both Samsung and Apple, to outside the top five.

The manufacturer of the 5G processors Huawei is rumoured to be employing remains unknown, however, Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Mark Li speculates that they are “made in China.” Its performance is comparable to midrange smartphones and “exceeds expectations,” according to benchmarks and breakdown videos, Li noted in a research note.

Huawei Mate 60 Pro

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