Punjab Police Launch Electronic Driving License Facility For Citizens

The Punjab Police Department in Lahore has implemented an electronic driving license system for all residents of the province. To better serve the public, Dr. Usman Anwar, Inspector General of the Punjab Police, has instituted an electronic driving license. According to Punjab’s General Inspector of Police, “the driving license can also be downloaded in PDF form and used while driving.” More than 3 million licenses have been issued so far, according to the IG of Punjab, and the number of license centers has expanded from 45 to 200 in the province. The government of Punjab has stepped up to the plate to provide its people with modern conveniences.

The government has made it easy; all that’s required is for the user to provide their date of birth and national identity card number on the Punjab traffic police’s official website. (DLIMS)He went on to say that “citizens can download the electronic driving license in PDF form and save it in the mobile.” The PDF license is valid for both domestic and international travel and is available to citizens.

If Dr. Usman is to be believed, the QR facility is open to the public as well. The police will be able to use this to confirm the driver’s license. Photos, addresses, and license numbers are all included in the features’ data. According to IG of Punjab Usmal Anwar, “more than 3 million citizens have been issued driving licenses by the Punjab Police this year.” From 45 in 2010, there are now over 200 li­censing centers located around the province.

And he was really impressed by the Punjab Police and said they did a fantastic job. Dr. Usmn Anwar urged residents to drive lawfully now that they have access to an electronic driver’s license. Citizens are urged to strictly adhere to all traffic regulations. The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has reportedly discovered 27,000 fraudulent licenses in just three years. From $4,000 to $10,000 was reportedly the going rate for a single forged ID. The suspect allegedly used a phony website to check the legitimacy of the counterfeit IDs. In addition, the criminals would obtain the money using a web-based software and a phony driving license printed by a counterfeit ID machine.

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