Shoaib Akhtar Makes a Big Claim Regarding Virat Kohli’s Run-Scoring Ability

Legendary Pakistani pacer, Shoaib Akhtar believes that former Indian captain, Virat Kohli would have had a hard time scoring against him. Akhtar said that Kohli would not have been able to score as many runs as he has throughout his career if he faced the Rawalpindi Express.

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The fastest bowler in the world, while talking in an IPL show on Sportkeeda, said that his battle with Kohli would have been a spectacle and he has no doubt that he would have gotten the better of Kohli. He added that Kohli would have had to work extremely hard for his runs and whatever runs he would have scored would have been fabulous.

“He may not have had 50 centuries. 20 or 25 at the most but those would have been valiant hundreds. I would have gotten the best out of Virat Kohli,” Akhtar stated.

The 46-year-old’s comments came in response to an old video of Kohli where he stated that he would have loved to face Akhtar during his playing career. Kohli had stated that he was part of the match between Pakistan and India in the 2010 Asia Cup but was unable to face Akhtar as he had already gotten out to Saeed Ajmal.

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Kohli said that even during the latter stages of his playing career, Akhtar had a menacing pace and he would not have liked to face him at the peak of his career.

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Updated: April 19, 2022 — 8:09 am
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