Tesla Workers Unionize in NewYork for Better Pay and Job Security

Workers at Tesla declared on Tuesday that they are starting a new effort to join a Tesla worker union in order to fight for labour issues and job security issues. THEY WRITTEN TO TESLA MANAGEMENT, STATEING THAT THEY ARE NOW UNIONISING WITH WORKERS UNITED UPSTATE NEW YORK.

Tesla employees delivered a letter to the company’s management announcing the union’s formal launch. The letter announced the Tesla employees’ intention to form a union with Workers United Upstate New York.

In a news release, Tesla employees stated, “We feel that unionising will give us a voice in our workplace that we feel has been ignored to this point.”

If these unionisation efforts are successful, Tesla will become the first automobile firm in the US to have a labour union, something that no other US automaker has done.

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, is thought to be opposed to labour unionisation and has even voiced his opposition to the practises in public. When the CEO said in a tweet in 2018 that workers would forfeit their stock options if they organised a union, the response was harsh.

In expressing his thoughts, Tesla employee Alexis Hy stated that “there are many changes I’d love to see at Tesla for the benefit of the workers, and we, as workers, need the ability to bargain for better working conditions with our employers.

Regarding the Tesla staff unionisation, neither Elon nor Tesla have released a statement to the public.

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