Tesla’s New Invention:Cybertruck Cat Tray That Your Pet Can Use To Poop And Sleep

Tesla is an industry leader because of the cutting-edge technology and inventive design elements that it incorporates into its vehicles. Tesla has a plethora of options for gear and components bearing its preferred brand’s logo. The official Chinese e-shop (online store) of the corporation sells several unique goods. This time, Tesla took its customers by surprise by releasing a Cybertruck–inspired cat litter box. It took a while, but the Cybertruck car’s final model is finally complete. This time, Tesla downsized it for feline friends.

Nearing final release are exact cardboard replicas of the Tesla Cybertruck Cat, a litter box designed for cats and other furry pets. The first production model of Tesla’s Cybertruck has been shown off and made available at the company’s Giga Texas location. It was delayed for two years, making the total time between its announcement and its release four years.

Although the company’s entry into the pet care sector was inspired by the angular shape of Tesla’s electric pick up, the product itself is pretty low-tech. It’s basically a box made of cardboard with no cyberlike device or stainless steel alloy frame within.

Lol In China, Tesla has released the Cybertruck, a $13 multi-purpose corrugated cat nest.

“Cybertruck futuristic shape, semi-open cat nest, embedded with thickened corrugated paper to meet the nature and daily needs of cats.” pic.twitter.com/Q0OALU8k4g

August 4, 2023 — Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt)

At first glance, it seems like a joke, but the Tesla Chinese website is already selling a $13 Cybertruck corrugated cat housing. The dimensions of the cat box are 56x41x25cm, and its futuristic shape is said to be “embedded with thick corrugated paper to meet the nature and daily needs of cats.”

The scratch-resistant, moisture-proof five-layer corrugated card box is perfect for storage. The semi-open, three-layer design is smooth enough for kittens and sphynxes alike.

The design of the Tesla Cybertruck for felines is based on the real thing. The cardboard creates a gap, rather than sloping upwards towards the peaks of mountains. When bored, cats can have a lot of fun with the litter box’s tilting feature, which is activated by a flap that opens upward. The section in the centre is meant to look like a basket of treats left there for the cats to play with.

The bottom of the box is constructed from multiple layers of thick corrugated paper. A cat may relax in its own Tesla Cybertruck litter box whenever it needs a break.

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Cybertruck Cat’s product development team claims that the litter box can be assembled by the customer. Owners of fluffy cats will be sent a massive piece of cardboard that they will have to cut down to size before it can be mailed to them. Also, according to Tesla China, “the Cybertruck is made of thickened and moisture-proof corrugated paper to ensure it can weather wetness and last a bit longer.”

The new Cybertruck Cat litter box from Tesla China can carry up to 15 kilogrammes before it needs to be emptied, and it costs 89 Yuan (about 13 USD). While fans wait for the retail version to be released, those who own cats may want to install the cardboard Cybertruck’s litter box in their vehicle in case these geometrical creations ever hit the road-Tela.

Unfortunately, Elon Musk thinks it’s great for Tesla customers. While the tagline promises a “cat house,” the product description promises a “multi-functional cat nest,” leading to some misunderstanding. As a result, many people identify it as a litter box while others believe it to be a cat bed or tray.

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