‘X’ To Roll Out Audio,Video Call Feature Soon :Announced By Elon Musk

X, formerly known as Twitter, is getting ready to add in call audio and video functionality. The upcoming updates are necessary since Meta’s second platform, Threads, has emerged as a formidable rival. Elon Musk recently made a historic announcement about his ambitions to add video and voice calling capabilities to the platform. Musk’s grand plan calls for developing ‘X’ into a comprehensive social network that can take on established players like Meta. All platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, will benefit from the enhanced compatibility of the features.

Musk claims that the features will be universally accessible and will usher in a new era of communication because they may be activated without the use of a phone number. Musk tweeted the most important features of the impending updates, saying things like, “Video & audio calls coming to X: Works on iOS, Android, Mac & PC – You may forget about looking up a number because X serves as a global phone directory.We haven’t seen anything like that particular combination of elements before.

The statement shows Musk’s commitment to developing X into a full platform, even if he has not provided a particular release date for these features. His recent proclamation on X detailed his aspiration to create a groundbreaking social network in a field where there are, in his opinion, no adequate substitutes. This effort is consistent with his declaration. This latest update is in direct reaction to a month ago’s screenshots of the new audio and video call options that X creator Andrew Conway posted. These screenshots highlighted the new features that will soon be available in the upper left corner of the direct messaging screen, providing a sneak peek at the next user experience.

The new features have not yet been published, but his goal is to make X look like China’s WeChat app. In addition, Musk intends to modify X’s news link display, which could affect how users find links to news websites. He’s still working on ways to make X better.

Furthermore, Musk is not content with merely improving the audio and video experience. Elon Musk is always looking for ways to upgrade social media sites by adding cutting-edge functions. X has recently announced a plethora of upcoming features. To name just a few examples, the platform now lets premium users upload videos up to two hours in length, allows users to speak in and co-host Spaces, provides opportunities to millions of participants, enhances the quality of live broadcasting from mobile devices, introduces an immersive video player for Android and iOS.

Elon Musk’s drive to constantly enhance his service guarantees that he will eventually achieve his goal of making his platform the best. His insatiable hunger for change in the digital world is reflected in his dedication to experimentation and the growth of X’s capabilities.

Similar to Instagram, but not as extensive as Threads
Musk has long desired to launch Nake X, which appears superior to Instagram’s voice and video calling features. In contrast to Twitter competitors BlueSky and Threads, this change will set it apart. Both aim to become as popular an app as X is, so they can compete with it.

Musk has confirmed in a tweet that the service will be accessible from several devices. This demonstrates that calls can be made fast and reliably regardless of whether the user is on an Android device, Apple gadget, PC, or Mac.

We all know that Musk’s large firings have resulted in a drastic reduction of the number of people working on new features at the company. Musk must exert considerable effort to increase the app’s popularity.

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